What means “pressing ceramics”?

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“Pressing ceramics” means that granular or powdery materials are pressed under pressure to form a solid body with a geometrical defined shape. The required pressure is generated isostatically or axially using a hydraulic press. After the pressing operation, the green body (the in shape pressed ceramic part) has to be treated in various post-processing systems until it has reached its final state.


Isostatic pressure


The next machining step is the sintering process: The green body is placed in a sintering furnace and fired at very high temperatures. This increases the density and strength of the pressed part, during the porosity and volume of the green part is reduced.


If the sintered part should have a very high dimensional accuracy, the workpiece is post-treated in a sizing press. In this step the workpiece is compressed again with axially generated pressure, so that the most exact position and shape tolerances can be reached.


Axial pressure


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