PRODUCT VIDEO! Axial powder press PA200HE

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Axial pressing
The pressing and compacting of powder is one of the primary forming production processes and creates solid bodies with a geometrical defined shape. Our PA series is designed precisely for this type of shaping, complex and high-precision geometries can be easily implemented with our axial powder presses.




Frey powder press PA200HE
Our new press generation – With unrivalled high efficiency servo pump system!
As the leading powder press manufacturer, we place the highest demands on ourselves, every new development and every new construction, and push ourselves to newer, more innovative and more efficient solutions. With this motivation, we were able to develop a worldwide unique servo pump system. This state-of-the-art system is significantly more space-saving and quieter than all the other conventional hydraulic systems and it will make your production line more energy-efficient – up to 60%.

Therefore our PA…HE series is able to make your production line more (cost) efficient and it will extremely improve your performance level. In addition to this, you can significantly reduce your carbon footprint and dramatically increase your sustainability! Up to 60%!

Technische Daten PA200HE I Technical Data PA200HE

More information about the high-efficiency servo pump system on the bosch rexroth site


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