Isostatic presses

Isostatic pressing is one of the primary forming production processes and involves using hydraulic pressure in a tool chamber to press powdery and granular materials into the desired shape. Isostatic pressing allows a solid body with a geometrically defined shape to be created from the shapeless material, which then paves the way to produce difficult-to-shape and complex component geometries with high quality and in bulk.

Isostatic powder presses from Frey Systeme can compact wide-ranging geometries & powder types efficiently and accurately to size, as well as being individually configurable and expandable thanks to our modular designs.

FREY presses compact hard metal, metal, ceramic & plastic powders into solid objects and our systems are applied to produce:

  • Spheres
  • Valves
  • Piping
  • Rods
  • Battery cases
  • (And many more)

Advantages isostatic pressing:

  • Extended durability of the tool forms thanks to the special tooling material developed by us (service life approx. 100,000 parts)
  • Higher performance with our three-part tool system, loops, and the use of robots
  • Faster tool changeovers with our adapter system
  • Higher precision of the pressed parts

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