Isostatic presses

Our isostatic pressing machines produce your molded parts using just one machine system!

Spheres, valves, pipes, rods, and many similar molded parts can be produced using our tool system. Parts with challenging shapes, such as long components with a very small diameter or extremely thin-walled parts, can also be produced with our machines.

A special Frey filling system has been developed for our machines. It allows us to compression mold even the most problematic powders!

Do you want to make your production environment even more economical and comprehensive?

Our advantages:

  • Extended durability of the tool forms thanks to the special tooling material developed by us (service life approx. 100,000 parts)
  • Higher performance with our three-part tool system, loops, and the use of robots
  • Faster tool changeovers with our adapter system
  • Higher precision of the pressed parts

We have the fitting solution

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