About Frey & Co GmbH

Company history

Frey Systeme was founded in 1989 by the mechanical engineer Dieter Frey in Lenggries, Germany, and quickly grew into a successful company doing business internationally.

After starting out with the fabrication of customer-specific tools and adapters, high-quality and durable isostatic and uniaxial powder presses were constructed just a few years later.

Thanks to specialization in special purpose machine & plant construction beginning in 1991, our machines continued to develop over the years into individual systems with a high degree of automation. To meet the mounting challenges, we have been researching and developing new and innovative production methods in cooperation with universities and research institutions for several years, further improving the performance and efficiency of our products.

We cooperate with the internationally active isostatic equipment manufacturer EPSI to ensure that our customers get the best possible support after the acquisition of a new Frey system as well.

Today we have more than 35 employees, mainly working in design, fabrication, and assembly. Our export quota has been around 80% in recent years.

After more than 30 years of success marked by great entrepreneurial dedication, Dieter Frey handed over the management of the company to his successor Dieter Lauber effective on 1 March 2021.

Fields of application for our powder presses:

  • Dental industry: Production of implants and dental bridges made of zirconium oxide
  • Medical technology: Production of knee and ankle joints made of zirconium oxide or aluminum oxide
  • Automobile industry: Production of gear wheels, oil pump gears and clutch members made of iron powder
  • Hard metal and Tungsten Carbide Industry: Production of semi-finished products for machining tools
  • Technical ceramics: Production of rolling elements, bushings, isolators
  • PTFE: Production of nozzles, seals
  • And much more…

Founding of Frey GmbH

Development of machines, adapters, and tools for powder metallurgy


Machines for the isostatic press process


Cooperation with E.P.S.I.

Start of cooperation with E.P.S.I. in the development of high-pressure systems


Introduction of the SIPZ spark plug press


Cooperation with Ruhr University Bochum

Start of cooperation with Ruhr University Bochum in the field of short-term sintering development


EasyIso with servo pump drive


Development of the resource-conserving servo pump drive


Modular building-block system

Development of a modular building-block system for powder metallurgy


Innovation: Powder weigh feeder


Introduction of the new FIP

Fast Isostatic Press

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