Our expertise for your products

Frey Systeme is one of the leading global powder-press manufacturers in the field of axial and cold-isostatic pressed-part design. At this point, the pellets are pressed and shaped using a hydraulic press, calibrated, then transported autonomously to the green part post-production.

Our decades of experience and expertise let you not only streamline your production considerably and make it more affordable, but do so with a far greener approach. At the same time, you can also fly the flag for the young generation – and rethink things sustainably

FREY hydraulic powder presses can also have a dedicated servo-pump system installed. We teamed up with BoschRexroth to develop this high-performance system, which achieves up to 70% energy savings! – It outperforms all the competition by far in terms of space-saving and low-noise qualities.

Our quality management is ISO 9001 certified! The ISO 9001 quality management standard is the most widespread and prominent national and international quality management norm. ISO 9001 certification forms the basis for the continuous improvement process, ensuring consistent process and product quality through standardized processes and their monitoring. It confirms the high quality standards imposed on a QM system, both nationally and internationally.

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