The FIP press

When speed and large quantities are the measure of all things, our newly developed FIP presses (fast isostatic presses) are exactly the right choice. 

Fast isostatic presses with up to 6 strokes/pressure cycles per minute and simultaneous outstanding density distribution are ideal for the production of spheres and rods. Spark plugs with a part length up to 100 mm, for example!

Up to six (!) die chambers can be used depending on the part diameter. With our adaptable changeover system, the entire setup process can also be completed outside the machine. The subsequent fast and simple tool changeover – which can be carried out directly in the system – reduces setup times and considerably reduces costs.


From secured manual removal and filling to a fully autonomous production line with up to four FIP presses. Modular system.

Standard series FIP 200 HE

Isostatic press power [bar] up to 2500 bar
Freely programmable high-pressure curve


Single or multiple die chamber


• Very precise control of the pressure curve
• High output with up to six die chambers
• Up to 60% energy savings with servo pump
• Quiet
• Low space requirements
• Low operating costs – little oil and cooling water required
• Various options and expansion possibilities
• Straightforward and intuitive operation

Expansion possibilities

• Automatic filling
• Robot for part removal
• Automatic cleaning for die and counter die
• Complete process control
• Parts rack in different versions
• Weighing and/or measurement system
• Automatic cleaning of die and counter die after each pressing cycle
• Fully automatic filling
• Additional quality control through integration of weighing and/or measurement systems
• Product and machine data acquisition provided via OPC UA

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