Production line add-ons

You want to convert your machine from manual filling and removal to automated, software-controlled filling and removal?

You want to clean your dies and rams automatically and have your products inspected by machine?

Or are you looking for a solution for further processing, readily integrated by us into your production line?

Our new division gives you an overview of the established Frey expansion components.


Inspecting and cleaning


Part removal


Discover our new standard filling system.

Our three-part standard filling system consisting of a weigh feeder, a swiveling linear unit, and a feed hopper can be perfectly integrated into any production line.

Are you planning to equip your system for a different process, such as a multi-chamber powder system, direct die filling by hand, or perhaps an entirely different process?

Our experience & expertise in the development and implementation of various filling devices accumulated over many years pays off for you.

Inspecting and cleaning

You want to inspect green parts produced by your system, checking the dimensions and shape? An innovative camera system readily measures your parts and identifies shape and dimensional deviations.

You want to clean your dies and rams in parallel with the inspection process? This is where we rely on our proven cleaning assemblies, equipped with pneumatically driven compressed air nozzles or mechanically driven brushes.

Post-processing by machining

Your green parts have been produced and inspected, and now have to be finished?

Frey has extensive experience in the field of post-processing by machining, and in the integration into existing systems and production lines. We can implement your requirements for sawing, turning, and milling machines!

Part removal

From secured manual removal to automatic handling units to fully autonomous robots – our selection of part removal devices covers all requirements for the safe, innovative, and high-performance handling of parts.

For small, large, light, or heavy parts, our specialists offer you the right solution.

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