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The sizing press is a crucial tool in the manufacturing industry, especially in the post-processing of sintered parts. Sintering is a process where green parts are fused into solid workpieces under heat. The resulting parts often exhibit a certain porosity and surface roughness, which can be corrected through precise sizing presses.

The sizing press plays a central role in the process of post-processing sintered parts. Its application allows not only for dimension adjustment but also for the improvement of surface quality. The targeted application of pressure by the sizing press contributes to optimizing the structural integrity of the sintered parts.

The benefits of the sizing press extend across various industrial applications, from the automotive sector to medical technology. Through precise sizing, tolerances are minimized, and the desired mechanical properties of the sintered parts are achieved. This is particularly crucial in industries where safety and reliability are of the utmost importance.

The sizing press operates on the principle of the plastic deformation of the workpiece. This allows not only for the correction of dimensional deviations but also for the compaction of the surface structure. Precise control of pressure is crucial to achieve optimal results. Our sizing presses are equipped with advanced control systems that allow for the precise adjustment of parameters.

Another aspect to consider in the post-processing of sintered parts is material selection. The sizing press must be tailored to the specific properties of the sintering material used. This requires a thorough understanding of material science and a careful selection of pressing tools.

Overall, the sizing press is an indispensable tool in the manufacturing industry, particularly in the post-processing of sintered parts. Through its precise functionality, it not only ensures compliance with stringent quality standards but also optimizes process efficiency and product reliability. In an era where precision and quality are of paramount importance, the calibration press plays a key role in the production of high-quality and reliable components.


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