Axial pressing – 70% energy savings with our servo-pump-system!

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Axial Powder Presses are highly specialized machines used in the manufacturing industry for compacting powdery and granular materials. These presses enable the production of so-called green parts distinguished by their uniform density distribution and exceptional precision. With the help of a specially developed system, it is possible to save 70% of the energy! Technologically unique and unmatched in effectiveness, Frey Systeme’s innovative Servo Pump System elevates industrial production to a new, sustainable, and cost-saving level.


For more information about our axial presses and their technical specifications, please visit here.


Applications of Axial Powder Presses

Axial Powder Presses find applications across a variety of industries. Here are some examples:

1. Hard metall industry: Axial Powder Presses are widely used in the manufacturing of tungsten carbide tools. These tools are employed in metalworking and mining, and precision in their production is crucial for their performance.

2. Metal Powder Metallurgy: In metal powder metallurgy, metal powders are compacted to create complex workpieces. Axial Powder Presses play a vital role in shaping and improving density.

3. Ceramic and Plastic Industries: Axial Powder Presses are also used in the production of ceramic and plastic components, creating precise green parts that are further sintered or fired in subsequent processes.

4. Electronic Industry: In the electronics sector, axially pressed parts are utilized in many electronic devices and connections to ensure electrical insulation and high precision.

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